Read what others thought about their private course at Alec Steele's Blacksmithing School in the heart of Norwich, Norfolk, GB!

“I am a notoriously slow learner. At my age, I accept this, but it can be maddening for those doing the teaching. In my five days of one-on-one instruction with Alec, he exhibited teaching skills equal to the best teachers I have had in my 47 years. He was patient, flexible and had a command of his art. The things we made were impressive, but more-so the concepts that Alec repeated during every project. These concepts are the key to opening-up the art - and Alec understands this. I would encourage anyone interested in blacksmithing to pay him a visit - sooner than later. I know that I will be fortunate if able to return again in the future. I was an absolute beginner when I showed-up at Alec’s forge, so do not let lack of experience stop you. You will leave with a solid base to continue your education.”
— Scott M, Indiana USA
““I have just spent a very enjoyable day of one-to-one tuition with Alec. I am a complete beginner but was immediately put at ease by his relaxed and knowledgeable approach. He clearly likes teaching, which he does very well, and during the day he guided me through making a series of pieces. He demonstrated the various stages first and then lead me through each process before ending up with something that approximated his work. The very fact that what I produced bore any resemblance at all to his pieces is a testament to his teaching skills and also very satisfying for me! I will certainly be signing up for more courses in the future.””
— Geoff M
“Nowhere else can you invest so little and gain so much when it comes to learning to forge iron.”
— J Griffin
“Had a brilliant day on one of Alec’s classes, really enjoyed it and would highly recommend for anyone who wants to learn a new skill to book yourself on the next course! Thanks again for today!”
— Andrew P
“I visited Alec’s from Sweden during May 2015 for the tooling course, it was a very intense four days. I came back to Sweden with eight extra kilos of pure steel!
I saw in recent videos that his shop is double the size now! Great! More anvils and possibilities! What makes this place: is the guy... Alec is a talented blacksmith and a very enthusiastic person who enjoys to teach. I’ve learned a lot!”
— Bellisario C, Sweden
“I had the pleasure of attending Alec Steele’s blacksmithing classes today. Excellent tuition from a very knowledgeable guy. I will be booking another class sometime in the future. ”
— Jeremy S
“Had a brilliant time attending a tool making class with Alec Steele and having the pleasure to meet him - what a great person to meet! He has an extremely vast knowledge about making tools. Would recommend a class to anyone.”
— Joshua G
“I had the pleasure of attending a day at Alec’s forge to learn how to make a set of throwing knives for an upcoming World Championship bid. From start to finish the experience was superb; Alec is an enthusiastic and skilful instructor who manages to strike the right balance between letting his students experiment to find their own way, and gently guiding them towards a successful outcome. The instruction was expertly managed, always safe (despite my best efforts it seems to break his tools and inflict mortal injuries on both of us along the way!) and paced so that I came away feeling like I was about to burst from new information and skills acquired. I can recommend Alec’s classes unreservedly - it was one of the best day’s training I have ever had the pleasure to experience.”
— Andy F
“Excellent class, I learnt so much, and it was great fun! Definitely worth taking one of these!”
— Monty C
“In August 2013 I took a 7 day ‘Tools to Make Tools’ class taught by Alec Steele . At the time I took the class I had done a little heatin’ n’ beatin’ in backyard. essentially I was raw at the start of the class. Over the course of the week Alec guided my through the learning curve (which, in forging, is very steep) to the point where at the end of the week I had even directed several of my own tools, and forged tools like punches, chisels, and tongs by myself. The skills I learned have been the foundation for all of my work to follow. I would recommend anyone who wants to quickly accelerate their forging skills to take a class with Alec. You will not be disappointed.”
— Paul K, Canada
“I came from France to follow a course with Alec! The man is kind, very enthusiastic and humble for what he knows. I took a huge load of information and advice. I discovered a more effective way of forging. I’d be very excited to work aside him again. For a 2 days course, the amount of knowledge, work and tools is definitely worth the price. Alec is really willing to help you learn what you need to enlarge your “techniques” toolbox. The tools are excellent, in shape and use. Therefore, it was really nice to meet the man behind the forge, for he is an unbelievable young man. The kind that helps you believe in the capacities of the new coming generations. Carry on Alec, carry on growing your skills, you’re gonna be a real legend in a few years. Thanks for everything, for the nice evening chitchat and the hospitality. ”
— Stéphane From France